Dr. Alexandre BOYER graduated from INSA engineering school in 2004 and obtained a PhD in 2007 in electromagnetic compatibility of Integrated Circuits. He has been a senior lecturer in electronics, microelectronics and signal processing since Sept. 2008. His research interest concern the modelling of IC immunity, the robustness and reliability of IC, as well as software tool development for EMC. He conducts his research at LAAS/CNRS, in the group “Embedded Systems and Energy”.
Email: Alexander.boyer <at>


Prof. Etienne SICARD graduated from the University of Toulouse (B.S degree in 1984) and obtained a PhD in 1987 at LAAS/CNRS laboratory. His is a professor at INSA Engineering School. He gives scientific support to industrial projects in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of integrated circuits (IC). He was a distinguished lecturer from the IEEE EMC society on the topic “EMC of ICs”. He chaired the 6th International Workshop “EMC Compo 2009” in Toulouse and co-authored the book "EMC of ICs" Springer 2006. His research interests include CMOS design for improved EMC, software development (Microwind, IC-EMC) & signal processing. He has published more than 200 technical and scientific papers in these fields. He is a senior member of the IEEE EMC society.
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