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The IC-EMC software is the non-commercial tool dealing with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of integrated circuits (IC), and covering both parasitic emission and susceptibility to radio-frequency interference (more).

Based on 15 years of research, IC-EMC gathers a unique collection of IC models, tools (more) and EMC measurements related to more than 15 IC case studies complied in a user's manual (more).

A user's manual describes the basic and advanced features of IC-EMC. Application notes described new case studies, specific tools and approaches (more). The tool is also used for trainings in university and in industry (more).

The software has been developped by Prof. Etienne SICARD and Dr. Alexandre BOYER, INSA-Toulouse, France (more)

Next Trainings

2016-06- 1 day training in EMC of ICs in Lausanne, Suitzerland (more)

2016-09 - 5 days training in EMC of ICs in Toulouse, Eurodots 


2015-11 - A. Boyer & E. Sicard have participate to EMC Compo 2015, Edinburgh (our publications)

2014-04 - IC-EMC used for Package-on-package analysis  (picture)




Update: 04.12.2015